ADAMH Board Encourages Healthy Coping Strategies

The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health (ADAMH) Services Board encourages the community to engage in anxiety-reducing strategies during this uncertain time.  Planning can help promote feelings of control.  At some point though, we all need to unplug from news and social media outlets to take time to focus our thoughts on the present moment. 

Ask yourself, “What do I see? What do I hear? What do I feel? and What do I taste?” Questions such as these will help you bring your thoughts into the present moment.  Take a few deep breaths and focus your thoughts on your breathing.  Engage in exercise.  Remember to eat nutritious foods.   Try to aim for 6-8 hours of sleep every night.  Call a friend or loved one.   Snuggle under a heavy blanket and watch a funny video or movie.  There are also a lot of benefits to writing.  Try journaling your thoughts, write thank you notes to others, create a gratitude list, or even write a letter to yourself reminding yourself of all your capabilities.  

Penny Dehner, Executive Director of the Paint Valley ADAMH Board encourages, “If you are experiencing an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, or other distressing mental health symptoms, please call 740-773-HELP or text 4HOPE to 741741.”  

Paint Valley Adamh Board

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