ADAMH Releases New Infographic

The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board is releasing to the public a new informational graphic.

Executive Director Penny Dehner stated: “The infographic was developed in response to community discussions.  The goal of the infographic is to create a visual aid in understanding the mission of the ADAMH Board.”   This infographic also provides a look into the services provided and how those services are available to the communities.

Assessing the needs, planning for the behavioral health services needed within the communities and funding for the services required to meet the need of our communities is displayed.   People often forget the ADAMH Board is the safety net of services for individuals and families with little or no insurance. Through providing funding for the direct services, and specialized grant projects the Paint Valley ADAMH Board is meeting the needs of our communities.   The largest portion of our graphic includes all the agencies, businesses, and government entities in all five counties where ADAMH collaborates to assess and evaluate services. 

This infographic will be used on agency brochures, fliers and in social media posts and future public events.

Paint Valley Adamh Board