Free Publications

All of our publications are FREE to residents of Fayette, Highland, Pickaway, Pike and Ross Counties of Ohio. If you would like to receive copies of the following publications, please call the Paint Valley ADAMH Board office at 740-773-2283 or 1-800-906-6757.

Why People Die by Suicide

By Thomas Joiner


In the wake of a suicide, the most troubling questions are invariably the most difficult to answer: How could we have known? What could we have done? And always, unremittingly: Why? Written by a clinical psychologist whose own life has been touched by suicide, this book offers the clearest account ever given of why some people choose to die.
Author: Thomas Joiner

Saving Your LIFE ~ One Day at a Time

By Connie E. Mabry, Ed.S


A daily guide to easy, fundamental coping skills to depression.
Author: Connie E. Mabry, Ed. S.

Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide

By Kay Redfield Jamison


Understanding suicide.
Author: Kay Redfield Jamison

Dream Land: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic

By Sam Quinones


The true tail of America’s opiate epidemic.
Author: Sam Quinones