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Pickaway: 740-477-2579

Searching for PAX Partner for Highland and Pickaway Counties

The Paint Valley ADAMH Board is looking to contract with two individuals to become part time PAX Partners serving schools in both Highland and Pickaway Counties

Experience teaching elementary schools or someone certified in prevention preferred. 

Hours per week:  10-15


  1. Contractor shall arrange to take baseline counts in each of the schools identified where there is a trained teacher a total of two times prior to PAX Good Behavior Game implementation.
  2. Contractor shall provide all services necessary for the performance of this contract.
    • Arrange for supervision with a certified PAXIS Trainer for program supervision. Consult with trainer on a bi-weekly basis.
    • Develop relationships with school personnel, including but not limited to administration and teachers.
    • Conduct weekly classroom visits for the first (2) months of implementation of the Good Behavior Game, modeling and various elements, (e.g. visioning, establishing PAX language and cues, etc.) according to the PAX Manual.
    • Monitor and remain knowledgeable of all items on the PAX Partner website.
    • Initiate and sustain data collection using the web-based Data Package per the software program, adhering to PAXIS Institute implementation requirements/guidelines as defined in the implementation Manual or specified by the program supervisor.
    • Meet as requested with PVADAMH Board staff to review data and implementation progress.
  3. The Contractor recognizes that the Contractor is not an employee of the PVADAMH Board. As circumstances allow, Contractor establishes his/her working schedule.  Contractor will only have access to the office and supplies during regular business hours as agreed upon.  Contractor will not be offered periodic performance evaluation by the PVADAMH Board. The undersigned Contractor shall not make a claim against the PVADAMH Board or any other public agency for employment related rights including but not limited to: PERS, health insurance, sick leave, vacation time, workers’ compensation or any other benefits.  Contractor is not covered by Department’s Worker’s Compensation benefits program.
  4. Contractor is not considered a worker/employee on the Department’s public employee(s) payroll. The Contractor shall pay and be responsible for all social security withholding and any other employment related taxes and assessments and hold the PVADAMH Board or any other public agency harmless from any liability of any nature associated with those taxes and assessments.  Contractor earnings are reported to the Internal Revenue Service per IRS form 1099




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