Client Rights and Grievance Procedure

SECTION: 4.01.00


Revised: 3/17/10


To protect and enhance the rights of persons applying for or receiving alcohol and other drug or mental health services by establishing specific rights of clients and procedures for responsive and impartial resolution of client grievances.


  1. All Providers contracting with the ADAMH Board to provide mental health, alcohol and other drug services as defined in rule 5122:2-1-02 and/or 3793:2-1-07 of the Administrative Code will have a written procedure in place for addressing client rights complaints and which meets the requirements of Rule 5122:2-1-02 and/or 3793:2-1-07. All clients of said Providers shall receive at intake or the next subsequent appointment a copy of the client rights policy both in writing and orally. In addition, each Provider shall have posted in a conspicuous location and in each building operated by the Provider a copy of the Client Rights Policy. This policy should reflect those rights as outlined in Rule 5122:2-1-02 and/or 3793:2-1-07 of the Administrative Code. Clients shall be notified of the right to file a grievance if a resolution cannot be informally reached or mediated.
  2. A client rights officer shall be designated by each contract Provider of mental health, alcohol and other drug services. The Provider shall make provision for prompt accessibility of the CRO to the client/griever and shall provide alternative arrangements for situations in which the CRO is the subject of a grievance. The designated CRO will investigate a client’s grievance per provider policy.
  3. A client rights officer will be designated by the Executive Director of the ADAMH Board to hear complaints/grievances brought to the ADAMH Board by a client of a contract Provider or griever if other than client and with the client’s permission. The CRO will take all necessary steps to assure compliance with this grievance procedure.
  4. The client or griever may present the grievance directly to the ADAMH Board in writing or may submit as an appeal to the Board after failing to resolve the grievance at the Provider level. A grievance may not result in retaliation against any client or grievant.
  5. The CRO will investigate the complaint by gathering the necessary facts and information and through discussion with all parties, including the Provider CRO. The CRO will have full access to all Provider information relevant and pertaining to the complaint as per contract, Provider policy, or per written permission from the client. The CRO will attempt to resolve the issue within twenty (20) working days.
  6. If the Client Rights Officer is unable to resolve the issue, the client or griever and the CRO will meet with the Executive Director of the Board to hear the grievance. Written notification and explanation of the resolution will be provided to the client or to the griever, if other than the client, with written permission.
  7. If the grievance is not resolved at this level, the client or griever may request a meeting of the Executive Committee of the ADAMH Board through the Executive Director. A meeting of the Executive Committee will be scheduled. Written notification and explanation of the resolution will be provided to the client or to the griever, if other than the client, with the client’s permission.
  8. If the grievance remains unresolved to the client’s/griever’s satisfaction, the client or griever will be advised and referred to the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, Ohio Legal Rights Service, the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, and appropriate professional licensing or regulatory associations. The CRO may assist the client or griever with current phone numbers and addresses of the aforementioned resources.
  9. Relevant information about the grievance will be provided to one or more of the organizations specified in paragraph eight (8) of this procedure upon request and with written permission of the client.
  10. A written copy of the Board’s Grievance Procedure will be made available upon request. Each contract Provider will post in a conspicuous place a copy of the Provider’s grievance procedure and will make copies available to clients upon request.
  11. The ADAMH Board shall review annually the implementation of the Client Rights Policy and Grievance Procedures for each of its contract Providers, and shall receive annually from each Provider the Client Rights Officer’s summary of the number of grievances received, type of grievances, and resolution status of grievances.
  12. The ADAMH Board shall record all grievances it receives, the subject/type of the grievances, and the resolution of each and shall prepare an annual summary of these records. These summaries will be sent to the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

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